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1. Blog with Hugo on GAE

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What makes Google App Engine great compared to the other cloud service is that it is FREE!

Amazon and Microsoft do have free tier too but it lasts only an year.

Google App Engine is consistently free if used wisely within the limit.

This series describes how to create blog using Hugo.


Hugo, is lightening fast framework for building websites.

Hugo has rich themes to choose from to get your website setup out of box.

Hugo uses Google’s programming language GO hence requires knowledge if you want to tweak your blog.


  1. Install Hugo

  2. Create new website

    hugo new site <your blog name>

  3. Add theme

    Download the theme and place it under the themes directory which got created in (2).

    Open the config.toml and add line 'theme = "<name-of-dir-name-under-themes>"'

    Typically the downloaded theme contains example site stored under /exampleSite.

    The config.toml in the example contains necessary params for the theme hence is best practice to copy what’s inside that directory and copy&paste w/ overwrite to your new site.

  4. Execute hugo server -D under the site directory and run the server

  5. Navigate to your new site at http://localhost:1313/

  6. Refer to themes instruction on how to add blog post

Your blog site looking good? Let’s go to next chapter to learn how to deploy to GAE!

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