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Register JP vaccination record in AU

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I’ve taken covid vaccination in Japan.

How do I prove it in AU? How do I register this information in AU government system?

Answer can be found below.


Covid vaccination record is generally accessed via RMS app or medicare in AU.

If you don’t have this setup/registered, you can alternatively present ワクチン接種証明書 (cert of vaccination).

You will need this cert to go abroad and your local council can generate one for you.

You might be able to find some samples or templates on local council’s website.

Most of facility you visit will accept the copy of cert instead the original copy.


To register vaccination information to AIR (Australian Immunisation Register), you will take the same procedure as to when registering child’s immunisation record.

You’ll need documents in English that show what immunisations you’ve had (ワクチン接種証明書).

Take these to a recognised vaccination provider in Australia. Most easily found by visiting your local GP.

Most of the time GP can help registering the information for you.


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