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Going abroad during covid-19

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How it’s like to ride a plane to Australia during Covid-19.

This information is before Omicron went viral.


Requires following to enter Australia:

  • ATD
  • Cert for negative Covid test within 3 days of departing
  • Cert showing completion of 2 vaccinations
  • Residency or Visa

With all gathered, head to the airport. Airport is super empty.

At the check-in counter, you will be first asked if you have cert of negative covid test.

Then, if have completed the ATD.

Afterwards, they ask you to wait as they will check with Aussie Department if you have sufficient right (residency or visa) to enter Australia.

All checks will be done BEFORE getting on board.

It’s not like you get on the plane and do the covid checks in Aus, then get sent back if fails on any check. They won’t be allowing you to get on the plane unless all checks are done success.

With all checks done in success, you be given the boarding ticket.

All processes after this is the same to how you get on the plane.


Need to be done 3 days before getting on board otherwise you get fined.

You will fill in 2 vacc cert here.

Certificate of Negative Covid Test

Needs to be within 3 days of departuring and have to be in English.

The cert can be in digital format.

I have used Nishitan Clinic for this to be done.

Vaccination Certificate

You can get it at your local council.

Should contain English.

May be able to find some samples or templates on their website.


AU official website for coming in info

JP Embassy

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